Get a Perfect Wedding Shawl to Go with the Gown on Your Special Day!

Weddings are intricate affairs, and one of the main focuses of any wedding is the bride’s trousseau. You will seldom come across a bride who remains unconcerned about what she is going to wear on her wedding day. So apart from the gown, veil and the bouquet, another focal point of a bride’s attire is her wedding shawl.

Since the weather in the USA is not warm, brides need to decide on the wraps or shawls they will don with their wedding gown. And, it goes without saying that the piece of garment you choose needs to complement the gown you are wearing.

That is why brides most prefer wedding shawls for their special day. These cashmere shawls come in a variety of stunning colors and are ideal not just for the brides, but also for bridesmaids and as wedding gifts as well.

What are pashmina wedding shawls?

Pashmina is a type of wool that originated in the state of Kashmir in India. The first textiles made by using the wool were also first woven in Kashmir. The word “cashmere” as it is more popularly known, also originated from Kashmir. Pashmina has been woven and worn in the eastern countries since as early as 15th century, and gradually found its way into the markets all around the world, owing to its finesse.

Since the production of pashmina wool is not that high and they have to be hand-woven into shawls, wraps, throws, etc., their price is quite exorbitant and that makes them coveted items. That is why most brides choose to go with pashmina as their wedding shawl. The thread used in pashmina shawls manufactured in Kashmir and Nepal is completely hand spun and is 100% cashmere. Whereas, machine-made ones can be easily mixed with acrylic or ordinary wool and are available at a much lower price.

Things to look for while purchasing a shawl for your wedding

Getting the perfect bridal shawl is a difficult task. It’s not something you can casually throw on to take some pictures. You also need to think about what shawls will go with your bridesmaid’s dresses, your mother’s dress, etc.

So, here are some useful things you need to bear in mind:

  • You want to keep yourself warm, but in style.  A pashmina shawl proves the best bet for your wedding day. Not only do they have the silkiest texture, but they are also timeless when it comes to fashion.
  • Your wedding shawl should complement your wedding dress. So choosing a pashmina in white or ivory is the best option for the bride.
  • Check their place of manufacture. India and Nepal are the places of production for 100% pashmina. Also, Italy produces some of the finest mixed cashmere shawls.
  • After getting your wedding shawl, you need to find ones that match your bridesmaids’ dresses. The variety of colours is sure to come in handy when you choose the ones perfect for your bridesmaids or even your mother.
  • The 100% cashmere shawls are a bit on the expensive side. However, if you are searching for a more economical option, you can go for the mixed ones. Made from cashmere mixed with simple wool or acrylic pashminas can be equally good in their look!

How to buy a wedding shawl?

Various online stores sell wedding shawls and wedding wraps in the States. The advantage of getting one from an online store is that there is a myriad of options you can choose from.

So, go out there and get a beautiful wedding shawl from a famous pashmina wraps to go with your trousseau because you deserve only the best for your wedding!