Say Thanks with a Pashmina Shawl

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Say thank you with a pashmina shawl

During the holidays, there is a tradition of showing appreciation to the people surrounding your business for the demanding work and good deals. These people may include employees, loyal customers, business clients, associates and even co-workers.

A lot of people in the corporate field know what giving a company present means, but there may be some persons who do not. Especially with companies and entrepreneurs who are just starting out with their business.

But if you are one of them who do not know why, it is to show how much you appreciate the people you work with for weeks, years and even decades. A company would not be successful without the hand in hand cooperation of employees and clients alike.

Choosing a company gift

It is not easy thinking of what company gift to give especially if your business deals with a wide variety of items. There is a distinctive character behind every client. However, it helps to think ahead of time instead of cramming when the holidays are approaching fast.

The usual gift that many companies give is a basket of fruits and wine. While it is a safe and tested option, you can also give one thing you might not have thought of, a pashmina shawl. Pashmina shawls are worn by men and women, adult and child. You might wonder why a pashmina scarf when there are simpler options to choose from?

Why a pashmina shawl would make a great holiday company gift.

It is usable by both genders. A pashmina shawl does not limit itself to being used by just the female species. Despite widespread belief, a pashmina stole is not entirely for ladies only. The modern men of today has embraced the idea that scarves are now part of men’s wardrobe.

An easy addition to winter fashion. The upcoming holidays not only mean gifts but also several months being cold. Your recipients will find it a very useful piece of clothing for chilly winter days.

Lasts for several years. When you give someone something that lasts long, he or she tends to remember it for years too. How happy would you be to know that you will be remembered for a long time? Not only is it good for your business, but with the camaraderie you share with the people involved too.

Cheaper but better. Comparing it with the usual food basket or wine gift, it is a lot cheaper than the two. However, it is better though. Because one of the possibilities during the holidays is that your client will also get other food baskets from relatives or friends. And your gift will become just “one of them”. The last thing you would want is your gift to be branded as okay and less special.

A winter’s tale

A pashmina shawl may be for winter use most of the time, but it can also be for summer, making it a year-round accessory. When the holidays are over, we might forget what we ate but we can never forget what we received especially if we can use it all year long.

Gift Ideas – Pashmina Shawl with Cashmere Socks

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Gift Ideas

If you are thinking of a Christmas gift or a birthday gift, a pashmina shawl is an excellent choice. It may be the perfect Christmas gift but there is one thing wrong with it being given on that day too. It is already half past the winter season. That means that your recipient only has a few days left to brag his or her new pashmina shawl.

To have it given to him a lot earlier than that, why not give it for his birthday instead? People whose birthday falls on autumn through winter are the perfect recipients for such a wonderful gift. Those born in September to October will be delighted with this fashion accessory.

Pashmina – a naturally soft material

The pashmina material is naturally soft coming from the goats where they are produced from. Because it is all skin, you do not have to worry about getting skin irritations.

Unlike commercial fabrics that tend to put too much friction when it meets your skin, a pashmina shawl would not be like that. It can give you a suitable amount of heat with its warming features.

Given the fact that it is soft and thin, it can still give you warmth that other bulky and large thermal clothing will provide you. For that reason, you do not need to wear large uncomfortable jackets just to keep the body warmth in. The cashmere pashmina  shawl can be worn even on the coldest of the winter days and still be warm.

Less clothing means more warmth in this aspect. Now you can wear your favorite attire even on an extremely chilly winter day.

cashmere socks
Luxurious cashmere socks

Pashmina shawl and socks

If you decided to give a pashmina shawl to your birthday buddy, there is also something you might give as a bonus, a cashmere socks pair. Both will make a great pair as they will do an excellent job in warming the body. And because they are both light in weight, you can even send them through snail mail without having to worry about paying too much. It can fit in a small parcel which is quite cheap depending on what delivery service are you going to trust your package with. Pashmina shawl items can last a decade or so when well taken care of. But remember it will only last if you want to if you take the right procedures of washing it.

Regular cleaning of the gift

The socks will need regular washing, but the pashmina shawl will not. You can wash the pashmina shawl even just once  a month or yearly; if it is not that dirty yet. The socks can accumulate dirt more than the shawl, so it should be washed every after use.

So, go ahead and check to see who is going to celebrate their birthday before winter starts. I am one of the people who find it hard to look for the right gift for my friends. With a pashmina shawl, you can never go wrong with it being a birthday gift. It will be very useful to the one you are going to give it to, for a long time!


Pashmina Shawl Color Concepts

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Pashmina shawl enhancing your facial features

A pashmina shawl enhances your facial features. It is one of the advantages of wearing one when attention is directed towards the face. Because it has become a popular trend for many, designers around the world see to it that they come up with the most attractive and suitable colors for all skin tones. A pashmina shawl should not only match your clothes but your natural skin color as well. There may be shades that fit your grandest attire but will clash with your skin color.

Think outside the box

The usual notion with pashmina shawls is light matches dark and dark accentuates light. But a lot of designers tried thinking out of the box. They tried it on the runway with their models and the effect was rather overwhelming.

Clothes you did not think of matching pashmina scarves with looked good. Among the different outfits that were showcased was sportswear. One of which was golf clothes. Okay, so it is not a requirement to look chic while playing golf, but a little fashion will not hurt either.

Wild color combinations

If there was a phrase to describe the fearless innovation of wild color combinations, it is bubble burst. Why? Because the exciting display of colors truly bursts the traditional bubble of limiting a certain group of colors.

Light and loud colors were experimented with such as bright orange, yellow green, lemon yellow and bright red to name a few. The models of these pashmina shawls and sports apparel seem to be glowing bright. From top to bottom, each was bathe in a blinding yet wonderful glow.

Dark skin tone

You might wonder how about the dark-skinned men and women? It always has been observed that bright colors do not really complement dark skin tone. However, there is a way to go around that idea. In contrast to what we were supposed to believe, people with dark skin can still wear bright colors. The secret to it is to find the one that does not have a silky or shiny feel.

Light skin tone

Oftentimes when pashmina shawls of very bright colors are worn by light to fair women, we tend to think that it only looks good on them. But a matte shade of any bright color you want to wear will neutralize the clash that happens when bright means dark. If you really desire on wearing loud colors but hesitate – maybe you are not sure of your skin tone – then going for a plain designed pashmina shawl is a safe option.


With any skin tone, one thing to consider too is the color of your eyes. It will help you in determining which one suits you. Neutral colors are the safest choices but if you try on a distinct set of shades you might discover something better. Light to fair skin tones can freely choose which color they want, AND the same goes with dark skin too.

With dark shades of a pashmina shawl, you cannot go wrong, but with lighter ones, make sure you wear something to even out unnatural color combination. A white top or an earth color clothing will make it work.