3 Amazing Colors to Consider to Pair with the Gold Pashmina

A symbol of luxury and sophistication, cashmere pashmina is adored by women of all age. Owing to its superfluous soft fibers, this shawl is an excellent fashion accessory.

You can jazz up your outfit with these wraps getting a chic tonal look suiting multiple occasions. However, before delving directly into the styling tips, here is a little more about a pashmina catering to your grey cells.

Origin and a lot more-

The pashmina scarf or shawl is made from the fibers of Chyangra goats reared in higher altitudes of the Himalayas. Currently, these wraps are weaved in Kashmir, Tibet, Nepal and even Mongolia.

Gold Pashmina

Derived from a Persian word pashm, pashmina generally signifies the meaning, “made from fine wool”. In fact, these premium quality fibres were reserved for the members of women of a noble clan and riyak families.

However, gradually with the pace of time, cashmere pashmina has become a huge rage among women of all age and class.

Now come the styling hacks-

Currently, gold colored pashmina is what fashion police are recommending to the millennial’s.


Having a metallic hue, gold is a sign of elegance and magnificence befitting a good number of events. So, without putting much effort, you can be the show stopper grabbing eyeballs of one and all.

Read on further to unlock the styling hacks of a gold pashmina with different colors’ attires:


When paired right, the purple-gold combination can render an awe-inspiring look revealing a sagacity of royalty and class.

If you want to have a matured appearance, consider dressing in a long purple dress draping the gold wrap like a triangular muffler around the neck.

However, for a smart and trendy look, the best bet could be a V-necked purple top like Scarlet and Jo plus knot Front Tunic. Now finish off the get-up by draping the scarf giving a striking bright appearance.


Gold looks awe-inspiring when combined with orange. Agreed?

If not, here’s the proof!

Slip on a coral or orange colored top along with black denim. For an instant, consider this smart Crochet Lace Cold Shoulder Top.

This attractive looking cold shoulder top has fine mesh-like work imparting a distinguished style. Complete the look, by embracing a gold shawl over your shoulders.

In fact, you also may dress in maxi dresses in orange with your golden cashmere scarf for a perfect beach look.


Create a fashionable day-to-night look with gold and white turning heads all around. This is because both these colors perfectly blend glamour and intricacy at ease.

For example, wear a simple plain white gown along with golden pumps and gold earrings. Like this inimitable white Izabel Flower Stamp Summer Dress. Women of all ages can wear this attire displaying grace and style with minimal embellishments.

To make you look like a glam-queen in this outfit, simply add on the gold pashmina around the neck.

Not to mention, several other colors like black, green, royal blue etc. also perfectly fits with the gold pashmina making you look stunning and pretty.

So, try out these tips with contrasting colors and look the best in your gold scarf.

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