A Classic Styling Guide with Wedding Shawl for Bridegrooms!

Gone are those days when men dressed only to look smart enough to get married. Lately, the landscape of men’s fashion has changed and they have become equally fashion conscious like their wives-to-be.

When it comes to US weddings, tuxedos are still the most popular wed-wear. There are a multiple accessories that you can wear additionally to enhance your appearance like, a gorgeous tie or a pashmina wedding shawl.

A wedding shawl!

You only thought that was the niche of brides only, don’t you?

A perfect shawl with the right styling can make a unique fashion quotient that is sure to catch everybody’s attention. Here’s a list of styling guide for all the bridegrooms- to-be.

Keep it casual

Keep your look simple yet stylish just by wrapping a soft textured shawl around your shoulder. To get this look, fold it in half-length way which also acts as a comforter during a harsh chilly weather.

Tips: Wear a light color shawl on a darker tuxedo to create a contrast fashion statement.

The “knotty” look

This funky knot looks great on any formals without compromising on your smart look. Create this look by wrapping it around your neck. Pull the loose ends through a loop that was created by the fold. This gives you a fuss free style and also a clean look.

Tips: Choose electric blue wedding shawl on an ivory white tuxedo to give an enchanting appearance. This look is apt for a beach wedding party.

The Classy look

For this classy signature style, wrap your pashmina wedding shawl around your neck keeping one side longer and the other side shorter. Then, wrap the longer end around your neck one more time to create double loop. You can adjust the pashmina shawl according to the length you want to keep.

Tips: You can try a multicolored wrap paired with your bride’s own bridal shawl. You both will make an excellent pair for photo shoot!  

The Ivy Leaguer

This particular knot makes any bridegroom more sophisticated and suave. To get this look, just put it around your neck and fold it crosswise. Then insert the end of the shawl to your tuxedo in a neat manner. This looks aims to add a dramatic touch to your overall appearance by highlighting the shawl in your suit.

Tips: A brick red shawl can add an element of color in your dark or light colored suit irrespectively.

“Another casual one”

This casual yet classy look can be attained by folding it in half-length way and keeping it casually on one side of your shoulder. This brings an effortless charm to your overall appearance if you have chosen an embellished shawl.

Tips: Choose a dark colored embroidered wedding wraps which will go well with a light colored suit.

The wrap-n-wrap one!

This is also a classic look that brings an effortlessly stylish demeanor. Wrap the shawl in multiple folds around your neck to get a stylish makeover on your wedding day.

Tips: A contrasting colored pashmina as well as an embroidered one will go well with a smart tuxedo.

The Asian style

If you are having a themed wedding ceremony you can try the Asian way of styling a pashmina wrap which will bring a twist to your story. Wearing a classic Sherwani of solid color and throwing a heavily embroidered shawl over your shoulder so that you match your look with your Indian bride who also can wear an exotic bridal wrap. This ethnic look is sure to make a jaw dropping styling.

Well, on an ending note, fashion is innovation. You can try some different looks to make your special day a glamorous one. Be it a themed or a destination wedding, a wedding shawl will certainly make any party grand and memorable.