A Classic Styling Guide with Wedding Shawl for Bridegrooms!

Wedding shawl

Gone are those days when men dressed only to look smart enough to get married. Lately, the landscape of men’s fashion has changed and they have become equally fashion conscious like their wives-to-be.

When it comes to US weddings, tuxedos are still the most popular wed-wear. There are a multiple accessories that you can wear additionally to enhance your appearance like, a gorgeous tie or a pashmina-wedding-shawl.

A wedding shawl!

You only thought that was the niche of brides only, don’t you?

A perfect shawl with the right styling can make a unique fashion quotient that is sure to catch everybody’s attention. Here’s a list of styling guide for all the bridegrooms- to-be.

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Get a Perfect Wedding Shawl to Go with the Gown on Your Special Day!

wedding shawl wrapping of the couple

Weddings are intricate affairs, and one of the main focuses of any wedding is the bride’s trousseau. You will seldom come across a bride who remains unconcerned about what she is going to wear on her wedding day. So apart from the gown, veil and the bouquet, another focal point of a bride’s attire is her wedding shawl.

Since the weather in the UK is not warm, brides need to decide on the wraps or shawls they will don with their wedding gown. And, it goes without saying that the piece of garment you choose needs to complement the gown you are wearing.

That is why brides most prefer wedding pashmina shawls for their special day. These cashmere shawls come in a variety of stunning colours and are ideal not just for the brides, but also for bridesmaids and as wedding gifts as well.

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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Hot and Cold Pashmina Shawl

jake gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal – actor and fashionista

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the best actors who can do his roles effectively whether it is comical or dramatic. Seeing the Bubble Boy from year 2001, he was still a very young actor portraying a special boy. His acting evolved over time and his fashion choice as well.

Among his fashion preferences, he considers pashmina shawls to be part of his wardrobe. If you mention pashmina shawl, people would not react the way they used to, like “What is it?”

These classy cashmere pashmina scarves are already recognized by thousands of designers and celebrities around the globe. From the hot shades of the deserts to the cold regions, it has become a staple fashion accessory to those who are conscious of looking good.

Besides its fashion statement, the primary reason why one wears one is to keep them warm.

Jakes pashmina shawls

At the Santa Barbara Film Festival, Jake wears a black hat, black pashmina shawl and black suit. Judging from the color he chose, this is indeed one formal occasion to attend to. He looks very refined in his clothes – a gentleman. I love him wearing this kind of hat as it adds classiness to his overall appearance.

Jakes hot and cold pashmina shawl
Jakes hot and cold pashmina shawl

Amidst the strong rays of the sun, Jake wears a gray hat and shawl with his casual getup. Paired with vintage sunglasses, it tells us of a usual day for a very famous Jake Gyllenhaal. His shawl has different tones from light to dark. It matches the black and gray colors in his hat too.

One thing to notice with Jake is he wears a hat with his pashmina shawl most of the time. In a colder day than the last, he wears another hat but with a long-sleeved shirt this time. It must be his personal choice of matching a pashmina scarf with a corresponding hat. This boy has got some taste, I dare say!

Prince of Persia

In the sandy deserts of Persia from his hit movie the Prince of Persia, a movie version of the popular game, we also see him making use of a shawl. In lands as hot as theirs, it is no wonder that people wear it for different purposes, and one of which is protecting their skins from the harsh sun. A pashmina wrap can be seen being worn by most people there especially with royalty. The craft of making these stoles is tedious therefore the price that goes along with it is not friendly to the common people.

The pashmina shawl a winter and summer protector

Protecting yourself from the heat or cold is what BOTH a pashmina shawl can do. It is very unlikely that other fashion accessories can do this too. A jacket would not be able to give you comfort from a very hot day unless you want to sweat all day in it.

Numerous men and women now appreciate the different comforts a pashmina scarf can give. From the extensive list of celebrities who like wearing these shawls, Jake Gyllenhaal is one splendid example of facing the hot and cold weather and still looking good while he is at it.