Pashmina Shawl Care

 Pashmina Shawl Care

Caring for your pashmina shawl

The soft nature ofa  pashmina shawl naturally demands extreme care from the owner. An advisable step to take in taking care of it is by having them dry cleaned always. This is the best way to extend the life of your pashmina shawl but there is an alternative option for you.

pashmina shawl care
Pashmina shawl care

Hand washing it yourself brings as much satisfactory results as when it is cleaned with a dry cleaner. Worried that you might do it wrong and ruin the whole pashmina? It does not require you to be any expert of some sort. You simply need to follow a few simple steps for this. Combine it with the right things to use and you will be alright.

You do not have to buy expensive detergents as your own hair shampoo is what you will just need. Pashmina is like your hair, only thinner and it is all natural too.

Let’s get started

With lukewarm water, put in a small amount of hair shampoo. Make sure that it is carefully dissolved. Next submerge the shawl in the water and begin to hand wash it with utmost care.

Do not rub the material roughly. Pressing and squeezing may be enough to wash away any accumulated dirt. Just like our hair, use conditioner to rinse it. Doing so makes the shawl a little softer. Squeeze it softly when you are already done. Never twist the shawl or wring it as it will distort its natural shape.

An important thing to remember is check the ingredients of the shampoo. Be sure to use something that does not have any darkening or bleaching effect. If you have a white pashmina shawl, always separate washing it from the colored ones.

To dry it off, place the pashmina shawl on a clean flat surface. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. Use a slightly damp cloth as something to help you press your pashmina scarf with. With a handy cool iron, gently press it.

When dry

If you are sure that your pashmina is totally dry, you can store it somewhere not so hot or damp. You would not want moths to be feasting on your precious shawl now wouldn’t you! Carefully wrap your shawl with tissue paper and store it inside a dry plastic bag.

Have something hold your shawl for storage – a box for example. You can put in moth balls (naphthalene balls as your mother used to say) in it to keep those pests away. Just be sure that the place where you will store your shawl is always dry.

Now, your shawl is safe for next use!

Careful hand washing is just one of the steps to take care of your shawl. Another small but important thing to remember is to be sure it is protected too while wearing it.

Avoid wearing rough clothing like leather with your shawl. The friction it causes gradually ruins the material and it will eventually tear. Remember that a pashmina shawl wrap is quite delicate fashion accessories but with the proper care, it should last a long time.