Pashmina Shawl Sizes

Pashmina Shawl Sizes

Sizes and variety- a big choice

Numerous kinds of pashmina shawl can be seen in the market today. Because of this, you can hardly recognize one type from the other. In the past, most scarves have their standard and uniform sizes.

We used to believe that scarves are supposed to be the smallest piece of cloth we can use around our necks. The next size in line would be a stole which is slightly bigger than a scarf.

Shawls were considered as the largest in the group quite popular of its use to cover the head or bare legs. A standard scarf would measure about a couple or more feet long and one foot wide. If the cloth is larger than that, it would not belong in the scarf family anymore.

Size was the determining factor if what you are wearing is the right accessory for your outfit. Many famous designers and celebrities became conscious about this. After all, nobody would want to end up being in the list of horribly dressed icons!

From animal to synthetic scarves, knowing the right kind and size is an immense help. Not all scarves can match all outfits which makes it even more important to know which shawl to use.

The pashmina shawl – the hottest scarf in history

Nowadays, the hottest scarf in the fashion scene is the pashmina shawl. Before you wonder if it is any good, you might want to hear a little about its history.

A pashmina shawl is made from the wool obtained from special breeds of Himalayan goats. When freshly harvested, the material is weak and fragile due to its softness.

Look at a single strand of your hair. If you think it is thin, you will be astonished to know that Pashmina is thinner than that. The material is then interwoven with other fabrics such as silk. Doing so makes the fabric a lot firmer and stronger. It also makes the shawl glossier.

During old times, we would handcraft each pashmina shawl. The exclusiveness of the material and hard labor made it costly that only royalty was able to purchase and use it. It used to be just another fancy clothing that the rich and famous can wear.

Luckily, pashmina wraps are easily available today and can be bought cheap but with high quality. We can find it in most shops even on the internet. The only thing you are going to worry about is which shawl is the one for you.

Technically, pashmina shawls also have the average width and length. A standard shawl measures about three feet in width and exceptionally long such as seven feet. It measures close to a tiny blanket. A lot would prefer shorter pashmina scarves but there are also men and women who choose the standard size.

Hollywood and the pashmina shawl

A lot of models in the runway like to sport this fashionable accessory as many designers just love pashmina!

Several celebrities in Hollywood wear these shawls most of the time even if it is not winter season yet.

American singer-songwriter Katy Perry is seen wearing a pashmina on a fine winter morning. We can say that she is wearing a standard sized shawl which covers her body perfectly for the wintry weather. Paired with black apparel, her choice of pashmina shawl color is quite lovely. She just proved that one can still be sexy without showing too much skin.

Her fiancé Russell Brand is also wearing a grey shade of pashmina shawl. He chose to wrap it around his neck which is an excellent choice as he looks dashing in the photo. The couple will be married soon, and we just cannot see why not.

Size, thickness and the weather

Having a regular sized pashmina shawl can be a drag to some people because of its overwhelming size. You may be one of the people who would think why it should be that long.

Going back to a little more history, pashmina shawls first originated in Tibetan tribes. The weather they have is so harsh that the cold can lead to cases of hypothermia. People experiencing such weather need thick and layered clothing. Keeping warm meant wearing a lot of clothing.

Pashmina shawls then come into the picture. Not only did they need something to keep them warm, but also very useful clothing that can sustain the heat in their bodies.

Therefore, the shawls are made huge. Each shawl is carefully wrapped around the body giving the wearer total warmth.

This practice has been seen logical and practical by many designers thus imitating the length it has. It would be a waste of money and time to buy several different shawls just to have numerous layers of thick clothing.

To lessen the burden and make life a bit more fun and easier, pashmina shawls are made tremendously large, so you can have yourself wrapped a couple more times.

Short or long pashmina shawl?

A little bit of pashmina shawl history showed us the reason why these have the standard lengthy size. However, there are several varied sizes you can still choose from should you not want to wear it long.

Pashmina scarves are the most popular in length where they are smaller and fit perfectly around the neck. No matter how you put it there, it seems like it goes flawlessly with any neck size.

If you are thinking of giving a shawl for a birthday present, checkout the  pashmina price the standard size is the safest option you can go with. The length can present a wide selection of usage for the one you are going to give it to.

pashmina shawl various sizes
Pashmina shawl- the various sizes

From the head to the legs, he or she has virtually endless options. If you are still unsure about what size to get, re-examine the kind of wardrobe you have. Usually, almost instantly you can think of the right shirt to match which kind of jeans.

This goes the same with pashmina scarves. Make sure that the one you are going to have can be used with most of your attire. It does not hurt to know a little of its history and now you know if you are going to need a long pashmina shawl.