Nail Your Black Pashmina with Enticing Color Matches!

Pashmina is the fine wool made with the hair of a distinctive clan of Himalayan goats. These goats live at an altitude of 14,000 feet. Naturally, the hair is hot and soft. It is also six times thinner than a human hair. The pure pashmina shawls are hand-woven with the artistic excellence of a weaver as they cannot stand machinery pressure.

The name of this shawl is derived from a Persian word “Pashm” which means made of wool. The delicate fabric is also called ‘soft gold’ for its light golden glow.

However, with growing popularity and demand, these pashminas are now woven to with different fabric blends.

A hot favorite among royalties for ages, the fabric finds a special place in women’s closets. A black pashmina differs from other shawls as it rides high on class and appeal. A black shade mixes and complements many different colors. It is very versatile and suits all age groups.

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3 Amazing Colors to Consider to Pair with the Gold Pashmina

A symbol of luxury and sophistication, cashmere pashmina is adored by women of all age. Owing to its superfluous soft fibers, this shawl is an excellent fashion accessory.

You can jazz up your outfit with these wraps getting a chic tonal look suiting multiple occasions. However, before delving directly into the styling tips, here is a little more about a pashmina catering to your grey cells.

Origin and a lot more-

The pashmina scarf or shawl is made from the fibers of Chyangra goats reared in higher altitudes of the Himalayas. Currently, these wraps are weaved in Kashmir, Tibet, Nepal and even Mongolia.

Gold Pashmina

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A Classic Styling Guide with Wedding Shawl for Bridegrooms!

Wedding shawl

Gone are those days when men dressed only to look smart enough to get married. Lately, the landscape of men’s fashion has changed and they have become equally fashion conscious like their wives-to-be.

When it comes to US weddings, tuxedos are still the most popular wed-wear. There are a multiple accessories that you can wear additionally to enhance your appearance like, a gorgeous tie or a pashmina wedding shawl.

A wedding shawl!

You only thought that was the niche of brides only, don’t you?

A perfect shawl with the right styling can make a unique fashion quotient that is sure to catch everybody’s attention. Here’s a list of styling guide for all the bridegrooms- to-be.

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Gift Ideas – Pashmina Shawl with Cashmere Socks

cashmere pashmina

Gift Ideas

If you are thinking of a Christmas gift or a birthday gift, a pashmina shawl is an excellent choice. It may be the perfect Christmas gift but there is one thing wrong with it being given on that day too. It is already half past the winter season. That means that your recipient only has a few days left to brag his or her new pashmina shawl.

To have it given to him a lot earlier than that, why not give it for his birthday instead? People whose birthday falls on autumn through winter are the perfect recipients for such a wonderful gift. Those born in September to October will be delighted with this fashion accessory.

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Pashmina Shawl Color Concepts

pashmina shawl colors

Pashmina shawl enhancing your facial features

A pashmina shawl enhances your facial features. It is one of the advantages of wearing one when attention is directed towards the face. Because it has become a popular trend for many, designers around the world see to it that they come up with the most attractive and suitable colors for all skin tones. A pashmina shawl should not only match your clothes but your natural skin color as well. There may be shades that fit your grandest attire but will clash with your skin color.

Think outside the box

The usual notion with pashmina shawls is light matches dark and dark accentuates light. But a lot of designers tried thinking out of the box. They tried it on the runway with their models and the effect was rather overwhelming.

Clothes you did not think of matching a pashmina with do look good. Among the different outfits that were showcased was sportswear. One of which was golf clothes. Okay, so it is not a requirement to look chic while playing golf, but a little fashion will not hurt either.

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