What You Need to Know Before Buying A Pashmina Shawl

buying a pashmina shawl

If you have personally seen an authentic pashmina shawl then it would not be a wonder why you will want to keep one. Its delicate fabric with its heavenly softness is carefully crafted by skillful hands making it indeed a rare treasure.

In addition to that, there came a time when it was considered a very royal piece of clothing. Whatever you are wearing, it can turn any attire into stunning works of art. If you consider buying a pashmina shawl, there will be a need for you to understand what it is.

What is a pashmina shawl?

First and foremost, it is a rare kind of cashmere wool. It is rare because you cannot find any other source for this wool except for the goats that are bred in the Himalayas. This comes from the wool growing under the bellies of these goats. It was called pashmina because of the Persian word “pashm” which means underside.

Tons of hard work is behind these fashionable accessories. When the winter coats from the goats are produced, they are manually brushed to obtain the soft wool.

A genuine pashmina shawl is made by handcrafting it from the first step to the last. For that reason, it has become an expensive fashion accessory. This shawl is also available for a limited amount of time during days when winter is closing in.

Pashmina shawls – silky, smooth and shiny.

You might also notice that pashmina shawls are silky, smooth and shiny. This is because the original wool is so soft that it is not a good material enough to be used as a scarf. Using one will only result to tearing up fast and deterioration. That is the reason why pashmina silk shawls are made with twenty to thirty percent of silk in them depending on the quality.

However, there are still pure pashmina that can be seen, but an advisable step is to choose those interwoven with silk as it lasts longer. There are also synthetic blends with pashmina scarves but it does not luster like the pashmina silk combination. But you can still purchase that kind since it is also durable, cheap and soft to the skin.

Differentiating between authentic and synthetic

The two types – authentic and synthetic – may be hard to differentiate one from the other but both have relatively unique features. One way of knowing if it is made from authentic fabric is with the use of your ring. A genuine one will slide in easily without trouble. It will also be noticeably soft, shiny and gentle to the skin.

It is always important to know a bit of history and background when it comes to shopping. Well, not only in shopping for a cashmere pashmina, but also with other things you need.

Knowing the significant facts will help you in choosing the right one. Now all you need to do is look for the one that suits your budget and style.

You may also want to give a pashmina shawl as a gift to your friends, it being a very special fashion accessory.

Brad Pitt wears Pashmina Shawls

Brad Pitt pashmina shawl

People used to believe that shawls and scarves were just for the ladies. However, this common notion is entirely FALSE. Lots of men enjoy using pashmina shawls particularly during cold mornings and winter.

Not only does it bring warmth, it adds style to anything he wears. Even formal clothes are sometimes paired with this stylish fashion accessory.

Pashmina shawl – a natural fashion accessory

A pashmina shawl is made from natural wool being produced from Himalayan goats. Once you wrap the shawl around your neck, you can feel the soft fabric gently hugging your skin. It is indeed perfect for winter.

A lot of Hollywood celebrities seem to enjoy this accessory as seen in separate occasions including several very important ones.

Brad Pitt pashmina
Brad Pitt pashmina shawl

Ultimate heart throb Brad Pitt wears a dark shade of gray pashmina shawl. It matches his formal attire well and makes him look sexier. He wears it long, letting the rest of the shawl hang freely. Most men use neckties with their suits. It is a bold step to use a shawl instead. But as seen, it looks more enticing especially when you know what color of pashmina shawl to wear with your wardrobe.

brad pitt grey pashmina shawl
Brad Pitt grey pashmina shawl

Brad being bold

Another bold step he took is by complementing his cream suit with a grey pashmina shawl. He wraps it around his neck but this time hiding the rest inside his suit. The white shirt beneath it perfectly matches the contrasting color – gray.

Going casual

But pashmina shawls are not limited to formal suits alone. It could go best with some casual attire too. Brad Pitt was having casual dinner with his wife Angelina Jolie. They do look good with each other, not only because both are good looking but also for their excellent choice of clothes. Here he wears a grey shirt under a long blazer with matching gray pashmina shawl. His hat perfectly goes with his brown leather shoes. A hint of fade browns makes the attire sexy casual.

A totally different bearded Brad Pitt accompanied by Angelina Jolie (who might be thinking too about the bizarre beard) looks quite peculiar but playful. He likes to wear white or dark colored shirts to match his shawls. The addition of knit hat completes the masculine ragged look.

brad in inglourious basterds wearing a pashmina shawl
Brad in inglourious basterds wearing a pashmina shawl

The hit 2009 movie Inglourious Basterds feature Brad Pitt wearing a pashmina shawl most of the time. His German accent there was reasonably good and sexy, but his look was even more awesome. The movie is an extremely good one.

Now no more long beards this time but just a plain mustache. Whether a man sports a mustache or a beard, it will still go well with any shawl as we have seen with Brad Pitt.

And I can tell Angelina agrees with the way he dresses too. So, the next time you hear someone say pashmina shawls are exclusively for women, you would know that it is otherwise. And if someone close to you – especially a guy – has a birthday soon, be sure to check the shops for the right shawl for him.


Pashmina Shawl Color Concepts

pashmina shawl colors

Pashmina shawl enhancing your facial features

A pashmina shawl enhances your facial features. It is one of the advantages of wearing one when attention is directed towards the face. Because it has become a popular trend for many, designers around the world see to it that they come up with the most attractive and suitable colors for all skin tones. A pashmina shawl should not only match your clothes but your natural skin color as well. There may be shades that fit your grandest attire but will clash with your skin color.

Think outside the box

The usual notion with pashmina shawls is light matches dark and dark accentuates light. But a lot of designers tried thinking out of the box. They tried it on the runway with their models and the effect was rather overwhelming.

Clothes you did not think of matching pashmina scarves with looked good. Among the different outfits that were showcased was sportswear. One of which was golf clothes. Okay, so it is not a requirement to look chic while playing golf, but a little fashion will not hurt either.

Wild color combinations

If there was a phrase to describe the fearless innovation of wild color combinations, it is bubble burst. Why? Because the exciting display of colors truly bursts the traditional bubble of limiting a certain group of colors.

Light and loud colors were experimented with such as bright orange, yellow green, lemon yellow and bright red to name a few. The models of these pashmina shawls and sports apparel seem to be glowing bright. From top to bottom, each was bathe in a blinding yet wonderful glow.

Dark skin tone

You might wonder how about the dark-skinned men and women? It always has been observed that bright colors do not really complement dark skin tone. However, there is a way to go around that idea. In contrast to what we were supposed to believe, people with dark skin can still wear bright colors. The secret to it is to find the one that does not have a silky or shiny feel.

Light skin tone

Oftentimes when pashmina shawls of very bright colors are worn by light to fair women, we tend to think that it only looks good on them. But a matte shade of any bright color you want to wear will neutralize the clash that happens when bright means dark. If you really desire on wearing loud colors but hesitate – maybe you are not sure of your skin tone – then going for a plain designed pashmina shawl is a safe option.


With any skin tone, one thing to consider too is the color of your eyes. It will help you in determining which one suits you. Neutral colors are the safest choices but if you try on a distinct set of shades you might discover something better. Light to fair skin tones can freely choose which color they want, AND the same goes with dark skin too.

With dark shades of a pashmina shawl, you cannot go wrong, but with lighter ones, make sure you wear something to even out unnatural color combination. A white top or an earth color clothing will make it work.