Two Quick and Easy Ways to Tie a Pashmina Shawl

Tying a pashmina shawl – 2 easy ways

Pashmina shawls are much wanted among many men and women today that owning one is indeed a treasure. It is such because of the benefits one can get from simply wearing it. A pashmina shawl being cashmere makes it a great item not only for warmth but the added fashion factor it has.

A cashmere pashmina  is a great fashion accessory particularly when the winter season comes during the holidays. Even though the nature of these shawls is soft, they are made stronger by careful craftsmanship of various skilled pros in the field. Because it is soft and at the same time strong, it is a valuable piece of fashion accessory. However, there are only few countries who manufacture such accessory making it a bit costly.

During the winter months

During cold seasons, a cashmere shawl greatly helps in keeping the neck warm when worn. It can also cool you down during the summer. There are separate ways a pashmina shawl can be worn and it all depends how you want it to look with your outfit.

Tie a pashmina shawl – 1

The primary and most usual way of wearing a pashmina includes two steps. First, put it over your head and let it cover your nape. Bring the two ends in front and tie it together like that of a knot. Most women, and men included, prefer this because it is a quick step especially if you are on the go.

I often see a lot of office ladies in the morning wear it like this – maybe because they were hurrying off. For some men, they make it as an alternative to their neckties.

When you are in your office clothes, it matches blazers too. Neckties can sometimes be boring to wear even if you have a new one. Not that you should get rid of your ties, but it always is good to feel and see men try out different sorts of fashion statements.

Tie a pashmina shawl – 2

Another one is having imbalanced ends. Do the same step as above but this time, let one end be longer than the other. This type of tying a pashmina shawl wrap is more appropriate with a casual look.

You can even spice it up more with a colorful pin or brooch of your liking. Brooches like flowers, angels and stars are popular choices. Although it would look good with an office attire, maintaining the formal aspect in a formal set of clothes will always be better.

Try wearing it with jeans or skirts, when you plan to go out with your girlfriends. For men, you can also try this out especially when you are wearing jackets or blazers. Let the ends hang loosely on front for that sophisticated add on.

It depends where and when you are going to wear your pashmina shawl but the above two are the easiest ways to glam up even when you are in a hurry. You do not need to spend too much time in front of the mirror because the presence of a pashmina shawl itself adds fab without too much effort.